New Hurling C’ship Format

A new format for the Senior Hurling Championship for 2016 was passed at the Galway Hurling Committee AGM in Loughgeorge last week. Please note, the changes do not come into effect until the 2016 Championships.
The Ballinderreen motion for a new Senior Hurling Championship format in 2016 is below:Proposed format for Senior and Intermediate Championship: Senior andamp;ldquo;Aandamp;rdquo; andamp;ndash; 12 Teams; Senior andamp;ldquo;Bandamp;rdquo; andamp;ndash; 12 Teams; Intermediate andamp;ndash; 12 Teams.
The top three teams in group of 2015 Championship play in andamp;ldquo;Senior Aandamp;rdquo; for 2016. Bottom team in each group join the six teams in relegation plus the finalist of the Intermediate to make up the twelve teams for andamp;ldquo;Senior Bandamp;rdquo;. Twelve teams left for Intermediate.
andamp;ldquo;Senior Aandamp;rdquo; play in two groups of six. Top two teams in each group go forward with the top team going to the semi final and the second team to a quarter final to play the top two teams in andamp;ldquo;Senior Bandamp;rdquo;. andamp;ldquo;Senior Bandamp;rdquo; two groups of six also with the top team in each group to play the No.2 team off andamp;ldquo;Senior Aandamp;rdquo; for a quarter final place.
Top two teams in andamp;ldquo;Senior Bandamp;rdquo; to play in andamp;ldquo;Senior Aandamp;rdquo; for 2017. Bottom two teams in andamp;ldquo;Senior Aandamp;rdquo; to be relegated to andamp;ldquo;Senior Bandamp;rdquo;. Bottom two teams in andamp;ldquo;Senior Bandamp;rdquo; to play off for relegation with one team going down to Intermediate. Winner of Intermediate to be promoted to andamp;ldquo;Senior Bandamp;rdquo; with bottom two teams to play for relegation to Junior A.andamp;rdquo;