Toddie Byrne Time Changes

There were two games played in Pearses’ Toddie Byrne Shield group earlier this evening. Ballinasloe defeated Sarsfields 2-5 to 2-1 and Michandamp;eacute;al Breathnach defeated Tuam 3-3 to 1-4. The rest of the games will be played tomorrow, in Ballymacward. There have been some alterations to the match times posted earlier in the week.
The full schedule of games and times is as follows:10.30am Pandamp;aacute;draig Pearses v Tuam HC andamp;ndash; Referee: S Moran11.10am Michael Breathnach v Sarsfields andamp;ndash; Referee: T Barrett11.50am Ballinasloe v Tuam HC andamp;ndash; Referee: S Moran12.30pm Pandamp;aacute;draigandamp;nbsp;Pearses v Micheal Breathnach andamp;ndash; Referee: T Barrett01.10pm Pandamp;aacute;draig Pearses v Sarsfieldsandamp;nbsp;andamp;ndash; Referee: S Moran01.50pm Micheal Breathnach v Ballinasloeandamp;nbsp;andamp;ndash; Referee: T Barrett02.30pm Sarsfields v Tuam HC andamp;ndash; Referee: S Moran03.10pm Pandamp;aacute;draig Pearses v Ballinasloe andamp;ndash; Referee: S Moran